Trees in October

Be sure to rake up all the fallen leaves and put them into the compost. If the leaves are left, they can encourage fungal growth, other diseases and insects.

October is also a good time to get deciduous hedges and those big trees pruned before the winter gales.

A tree may need pruning for a […]

How to Help Your Trees in a Drought

One way to do deep root watering

Trees need deep root watering. So during water restrictions, when you are allowed, give them a good long drink. And then mulch, mulch, mulch, to slow evaporation and keep the ground cool.

Minimize or stop pruning or trimming to avoid scorching your shrubs.

For best results, avoid […]

Winter Fruit Tree Pruning

Here is a good video we found explaining about winter pruning of fruit trees, what to prune and what not to prune.

Climbing up into fruit trees in the cold can be a risky business. Give us a call at (250)-748-4489.

Wait to prune your trees until after the leaves fall

OK! OK! I’ll wait a bit.

Pruning too soon can harm your trees and shrubs.So, when it comes to fall pruning, procrastination is the way to go.

Pruning a little branch or two may be OK, bigger tasks like thinning the crown or cutting a big limb should wait unless the tree is […]

Pruning Apple Trees

This tree seriously needs to be Godolphinized!

Most fruit trees should be pruned when they are dormant. Most gardeners are inside shivering in their boots during dormant season, as you well know, if your tree is overgrown!

Unless your apple tree is declining or diseased, it can still be pruned.

It is very […]

Spraying time again for fruit trees


Disease problems in fruit trees often overwinter on dried fruits and leaves that fell to the ground in the Autumn and were never cleaned up. The spores stay to re-infect the tree in the spring as the leaves begin to emerge. This is why sanitation beneath and around your fruit trees is critical. Rake […]

Get Rid of Tree Canker Quickly

Tree Canker or Black Knot is caused by a fungus and affects a wide range of species including plums, cherries and apricots. Spore release is heaviest at blossom time. Prune and destroy infected branches before bud break.

Prune at least 2-4 inches below each knot. If pruning or removal of major limbs is not […]

Is it too late to spray your fruit trees?

If your buds are starting to pop, it is too late. Trees need to be dry for a week after spraying and cannot suffer a frost. Best now to wait till the autumn.

You can be pruning now, but not hedge trimming. Wait for late August or early September, especially for Leyland Cedars.

You […]