Your trees in heavy rains

With the soil being so saturated, it could cause your trees to uproot. When there is a break in the weather, you might want to check the trees on your property and if you have any concerns, please call us at (250)-748-4489.

This video shows a tree falling without warning on a highway in Washington […]

How to Help Your Trees in a Drought

One way to do deep root watering

Trees need deep root watering. So during water restrictions, when you are allowed, give them a good long drink. And then mulch, mulch, mulch, to slow evaporation and keep the ground cool.

Minimize or stop pruning or trimming to avoid scorching your shrubs.

For best results, avoid […]

Winter Fruit Tree Pruning

Here is a good video we found explaining about winter pruning of fruit trees, what to prune and what not to prune.

Climbing up into fruit trees in the cold can be a risky business. Give us a call at (250)-748-4489.

Is it OK to plant a tree in August?

Well, yes and no. It depends.

Are you purchasing a tree that is in a pot, or a tree whose roots are balled and burlapped?

If the tree is pot bound, wait until it drops its leaves in the fall, then fix the roots as described here.

If not pot-bound, container plants can be planted […]

Young Trees Need Lots of Water in July

Young trees, whether planted by you or by your municipality need lots of help to get established.

The City of Vancouver is asking residents to please help by watering new trees a couple of times a week. We should all be doing the same.

The whole of the CVRD is now under Stage 2 Watering […]