Is it too late to spray your fruit trees?

Cherry BlossomsIf your buds are starting to pop, it is too late. Trees need to be dry for a week after spraying and cannot suffer a frost. Best now to wait till the autumn.

You can be pruning now, but not hedge trimming. Wait for late August or early September, especially for Leyland Cedars.

You can lime your lawn now, too.

In the vegetable garden, it is a good time to plant peas. A cold frame is a good idea this early in the year. We are going to wait another couple of weeks for the broad beans.

2 comments to Is it too late to spray your fruit trees?

  • Too bad I didn’t find this before. I didn’t know what to do when my fruit tree buds are starting to pop. I thought spraying is ok. Thank you to this post this post will be of huge help

    • Dylan

      You are kidding, of course, since you have your own tree service. FYI, by default, WordPress website comment links are “No Follow.”

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